Scatman Moving & Delivery, LLC

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Packing and Loading

You can feel safe that your possessions will be handled with care.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations in providing the best protection to cover the cost of any household item that may be damaged in your move.  We offer basic liability coverage with any and all moves.



After we arrive  at your new location we will finalize the delivery of your shipment,.  When your shipment arrives, you can help the unloading process by having a room-by-room layout in mind for the placement of your belongings.  If an item appears to have been damaged during the move or any times are missing, make a note and notify the team coordinator immediately.

A 50% deposit is required once your move is booked.  Your deposit in the form of a personal check must be received no later than 5 business day prior to your scheduled move. Our drivers are required to collect full payment for your move before your shipment can be unloaded. If your shipment is placed in storage, charges up to that point are due at that time.  Personal checks will be accepted for initial deposits but all final payments must be made by certified/cashier's check, money order, cash or credit cards.  Personal checks cannot be accepted for final payment.  A copy of the bill of lading signed by the driver will be your receipt.

If you ordered any unpacking services from Scatman Moving & Delivery, your team coordinator will arrange to unpack cartons at the time of delivery and will remove used packing materials.




On the day of your move, our movers and driver will prepare an inventory of everything that is to be moved from your home and take necessary precautions needed during the loading process.  Your items will be tagged and loaded, and you will receive a bill of lading authorizing your move.


Preparation for a move includes meeting with a Relocation Specialist and taking a detail inventory of everything in your home that needs to be moved.  We will review all services available to you and confirm the date of your move.  During this time you may identify any special circumstances regarding your move and have any questions or concerns addressed.

Moving is very time consuming and can be a very stressful thing to do.  But selecting the right mover, someone you can count on, will make thing a little more bearable. We at Scatman Moving & Delivery believe that every good move starts with professional accurate information on what you can expect to find when you shop around for a moving company.  Our website has valuable information on how to plan for your move, tips on packing and much more.  Whether you need a full-service move or just a helping hand, we make moving simple and stress-free, before, during and after your move at a surprisingly affordable price.  When you're ready for an estimate or to book a date for your move, our friendly and professional staff will be there for you.